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Boost Your Sales and Kick Start Your Business

Follow the steps outlined below and you will increase your sales and your client base, which will lead to additional profit and growth in your business.

Inspite of what any e-mail or website will inform you, there is no easy way to grow your business. It certainly will not happen with you sitting in an armchair or indeed when you are asleep overnight. The reality of the situation is that all successful business owners have got there by working hard, but also vitally working smart. Hard work is not a guarantee of success on its own, but couple that with smart work and you will be on the fast track to success.

I will spell-out what I undertook to achieve the success I have had, and I am certain that if you follow my guidelines that you can see the same level of success as I did.

To start with, a little bit about the success I have had so far. I am not fantastically wealthy, far from it. I have achieved modest, maintainable sales growth on a monthly basis that has added about 10% to my bottom line month-on-month. I don’t have any special skill sets and nor did I spend vast sums of money to achieve this success. My business sells in the B2B marketplace which is where this process works best.

Unfortunately, this is no special secret plan that I have dreamt up. The truth is smart working is often just the basics reworked. It is just about taking a few moments to step back from coalface, look at your business and work out a sensible strategy. For me this meant focusing on the reality that to get necessary growth in my business I needed to either add more customers or get my current customers spending money. Hardly a eureka moment that one is it!

The way I did it was to focus on e-mail marketing. Now to begin with, I have to say, if you are just about to stop reading please hold on for one moment. I too, was very skeptical to start with, but I had to face the fact that I could not employ a sales person to do this job, and I would not be able to find the time I needed to do what I would call the conventional sales work. Until this point I had always professed that I had never done business with a customer I had not met face to face, and I was not going to compromise that ethos. I have to say that I have learned the hard way and had a few setbacks en route, but here is my eight point strategic plan that shows you how I made a success of it.

1. I quickly understood that you cannot send e-mails to lots of people using standard e-mail software. The spam filters available nowadays just cut your e-mail off without it getting anywhere near a recipient. I tried several different programs, but have settled on Interspire which is a web based software, as my program of choice. True it does cost, and there are some very good free programs out there as well (PHP List comes to mind), but it fulfills all my requirements and more.

2. Make sure you have a good relationship with your ISP as you will certainly have rules you will have to adhere to regarding how many e-mails you can send and how quickly you send them. There is a fine line between legitimate marketing and spamming. Make sure you are not on the wrong side of this line.

3. Having commented on the spam word, it is appropriate to cover that issue as well. There are some critical rules you need to follow when sending e-mails. Firstly, if at all possible get your e-mails by having people subscribe to your website and have them give you their e-mail. This is the opt-in method. It is substantially more successful as you are emailing to prospects who have actually asked for your email. This is the only way you can operate if you are sending emails direct to end users. If your company operates in the B2ÂÂB marketplace, then you can purchase a mailing list of some description and utilize that. If you go down this route, then there are three critical things you have to do:

a. The emails address you send your emails from must be a used and registered email address;
b. You can only send business related e-mails to the emails you have;
c. You must always have an unsubscribe link on every e-mail you send. It follows that you must always also unsubscribe anybody that uses it. (Interspire does this automatically.)

If you follow these rules your marketing campaign will be perfectly within the law.

4. Make your e-mails interesting to read as well as having the offer within it. Do not forget to make the subject line of the e-mail eye-catching and try to avoid filling the e-mail with loads of images. This just slows down the system and annoys recipients. Take your readers on a journey with you; do not send the same emails every week, vary them so they get to see the full resources of your company.

5. Try wherever possible to send to your emails at the same time each week. Do not bombard them every day, nor mail infrequently like monthly. A weekly email received at the same time every week will be more likely to be read.

6. You will find a number of programs that offer the ability to verify the email addresses in your list. I can tell you that I have 6 of them installed on my laptop. When I process my list through each program, they all tell me different addresses are either valid or invalid. Even after I sent emails out to the list I had, I could not tally up any of the verifier programs as being effective. The best way I found was to send the emails in manageable batches and handle the bounce-backs as they arrive. If the software you use does this automatically even better.

7. You will no doubt get many returned e-mails, that cannot be sent or the e-mail address you have does not exist any more. Make sure you remove them from your list straight away as this will just annoy your web hoster who will make the assumption that you are a spammer and close your account.

8. Begin with a small manageable list. Get 1,000 addresses and process those to see how you fare. You will learn more quickly, and be respected by your web hoster if you build up as opposed to trying to send a huge list out over night.

This is my 8 point plan to success in email marketing. I can truthfully say that I never broke any of them. I started using a free bulk email program and I bought a mailing list. I quickly understood that the better the software the better the chance my email was to go through. I also learned that some words and phrases also activated spam filters, so none of my emails offer FREE or NO OBLIGATION items.

I have set up my own subscribe page on my website, but to speed up the whole process I bought a mailing list. It was very good value, but as can always be expected, it did contain a number of incorrect emails. However, by working smart and carefully, I eradicated most of them and now have created a list which is significantly smaller, but works perfectly for my needs. The reality is, it is excellent value for money even after you take into account the inaccurate addresses.

To begin with, the mailing list was the only place I invested, and I can categorically say it was excellent value for money. I now send 1,000 e-mails a day, every week, and get on average 15 replies a week. Now I can imagine a number of marketing departments being scornful of this, telling me how low my response is. But in reality, I spend 90 minutes of each ady sending out the emails, and 15 responses a week is an amount I can control and has lead to me expanding my business by the percentages I stated earlier. I win on average 4 new customers a week.
Now in the current market, who is going to laugh at that?

Buying a Quality Coffee Grinder is the Best Coffee Investment You Can Make

A quality coffee grinder plays a bigger role in the coffee produced from your espresso machine than you might think. If you are used to using the pre-ground coffee from the supermarket then you will probably be surprised at the increase in flavour achieved when you get round to grinding your own coffee beans at home.

Buying a new coffee grinder is the best coffee related investment you can make if you already have an espresso machine installed in your kitchen. Whether you are looking for exceptional espresso or you prefer to drink cappuccino for breakfast each day the freshly ground beans from your own grinder will make your experience more enjoyable. With an improved aroma and smoother taste, getting the best espresso it takes to grind your own beans.

There are two types of coffee grinder available to you when you go shopping. The basic entry level grinders use blades to “chop” up your coffee beans in a rough, inconsistent manner and should be avoided at all costs if you are interested in achieving a good espresso. About all that a blade grinder is good for is grinding up flax seeds to pour on your muesli.

To get a fine quality, consistent grind you need to be looking at a burr grinder. These devices use two metal disks to gently grind your beans down without the heating which can burn the coffee. The cost of getting a burr coffee grinder can put many people off and that’s why there is such a great market for the blade type. Though if you value your favourite drink highly you will make the investment required, because you are a aware that the best quality coffee in the world comes at a price, and that price is worth paying.

Can a Home Based Business Make a Difference? How is the Economy Treating You?

How is the economy treating you? It’s easy to think about the acceptance of mediocre earnings or the gloom and doom of unemployment when everyone around you is talking about how bad the economy is.

People are losing jobs and companies are going out of business almost over night. Will you be next? Friend, I hope not for your sake. However, will you be next? There are enormous cutbacks taking place and there are some that do not seem to be logical. I would think that suspension and lay-offs of teachers fits into this category. It seems to me that they should be among some of the most important to keep! Why, because they will motivate and educate the minds of our children and young people in order to unlock our fullest human potentials and creativity. It seems that the appropriate and most ideal time to experience the best from ourselves would be at a time when we need it the most! I would think new ways of thinking and learning could help to get us out of the economic recession for years to come. Again friend, will you be next? Maybe, our learning is our own responsibility in the long run.

Are you prepared to reinvent yourself today? What if you are next? What is your plan B? Do you have one? Would you like one? There are enormous bailouts that go to save entire industries or does it all go to the rich executives who are already positioned at the top of the corporate pyramid and economic food chain? Friend, I am not really sure anymore. It takes a great deal to actually hold up the corporate pyramid and traditional business structure. Are there more efficient business models and more efficient channels of product distribution that do not involve a multitude of middle men? Yes, most definitely without a doubt!

Are there technology platforms that empower an individual to offer worldwide world-class products and services all from the comfort of home? Yes, Yes, and Yes! The old traditional models of doing business are costly and carry huge risks. Is it likely that you have thousands and thousands to spend if you have just lost your job without notice? No, you will probably pull the budget strings tighter. Remember, the corporate structure will try to insure its own survival at all costs. It seems that it always has and that it always will. Those are just the facts. Decisions are made daily to keep it in place. Friend, with that being said it should become clear that all those under the traditional corporate structure are at the immediate risk of becoming nothing more than a number. Will you be next? Profits must be protected at all costs!

This structure has placed you at the very bottom on average with limited opportunity. Is it hard for you to pay your bills? Do you resent the enormous bailouts that we have witnessed in financial and manufacturing markets? Do you care that tax dollars are wasted on a regular basis? Do you resent tax dollars going in the coffers of those who are already wealthy? Is it frustrating to know that you are living check to check? Friend, what will you do if you are next? Can you leverage yourself and your efforts so that it does not matter? Yes, you can!

Do not allow yourself to be placed in such a position as to be waiting on only one check from one employer. Position yourself for something much, much greater! If you were not worried about such a loss, the thought would not be so terrifying. And, if people had more than one, or two, or three sources and or streams of income, they would not need to rush to the unemployment office to experience all that it has to offer immediately upon losing their jobs. Friend, how is the economy treating you? Are you energized and excited about the possibilities you are presented with? Will you be next? Can a home-based business make a difference? Can you really build a six-figure income from home? Yes, people are doing so every day. Is control of your dream really in your hands where it needs to be and rightfully should be? The answer is, I think not, unless that is, you have your own business and provide value to the world. Are you missing the big picture by not participating in the world around you? Don’t be disappointed if life passes you by because you chose to watch instead of experience and participate. Do not sit around and stagnate in fear. Educate yourself! Take action today and begin to explore the possibilities. There is no recession on the World Wide Web. Plug in and be part of the Internet marketing and home-based business history that is being made while you are reading this article. It is happening! Will you learn to earn or will you be next? It will take effort and minimal dollars because it is a real opportunity for you to elevate yourself to a new level of business operation and mindset. Consider leaving the traditional limited mindset and business models behind. Clear your mind and visualize moving at the speed of thought almost, and doing so around the world. Friend, are you more secure with a single employer with the power of one income source over you or are you safer knowing you offer value to the whole world each and everyday?

The rules of commerce and business have changed. Traditional models are almost obsolete. Some have allowed the abuses that have created the need for bail out in the first place. Friend, you must modify your thinking in order to align with what is actually happening in the world around you. You must learn what is working for others and their families. The fact that you may not be aware of or understand everything right away does not mean that such does not exist. You are either unaware or you remain unwilling to embrace new understanding and opportunity if you are not pursuing new ways of earning and business. You must be willing to invest the time and work required that could lead to your transformation and new unlimited potential.

There must be a shift in thinking. Do you simply play on the Internet or have you harnessed the power of Internet Marketing in order to build your own business worldwide? If you are still scared to lose one check then fear no more. If you are in the check-to-check mindset you must bust out of it now! As long as you remain you are at great risk of being disappointed and even eliminated. Friend, are you next? You need not be. Adopt a new approach and stretch yourself. Prepare to grow and learn. Get excited!

You must embrace your position and take responsibility for your own learning and education. Find your opportunity today. I cherish the words of best-selling author Robert T. Kiyosaki from his book entitled Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He reminds us how important it is to assume responsibility for our destiny and our own learning by stating it the following way. “If you want to be rich, you need to be financially literate.” He also suggests that you should start a home-based business and begin growing it right away. Friend, do you think a home-based business can help? Do you need an extra hundred or two per week? Could you use a few extra thousand per month? Can you benefit from fewer taxes and more tax benefits? Do you think a home business can make a difference? How is the economy treating you? I urge you to leave your comfort zone. I urge you to leave the place of anxiety and fear as well, in order to explore a whole new world of possibility. It has been said that six figures is the magic number. If people come to the understanding that abundance is right at home where the heart is and that real unlimited earnings are possible and realistic, they will immediately break through the fear and get off there butts and go to work. The learning curve must be experienced and new processes navigated, however. The rewards for doing so can be great and life long!

There are a lot of people who do a whole lot more than six figures per year in their own home based business. They do it per month! Do you think you could find your place working from home too? Of course you could if you chose to. I can think of one company in particular that is one of my favorites because of the products and unique opportunity that it offers people. It is just over four years old and has already created over fifty business builders that are all earning over a million dollars per year and growing, all from home. This is factual documented income. Keep in mind this is just one example of an opportunity, company, and home based business and network marketing opportunity that is changing lives. Friend, do you think you could learn enough from these people to allow you to get what you need? I think so!

Maybe a home-based business is exactly what you need! You must detach all emotion and put your thinking cap on. It is time to work, learn, and earn in that order. Take action and get in motion today. Maybe it is time for you to answer the question, what is your plan B? Think like the business owner and not like the employee. What if you are next? What if you are the next person to achieve massive success in the home business arena and have more fun than you ever imagined? What if you are the next person who is let go from their job? What if you are next? Which one would you rather be? Are you sure? The decision is yours and yours alone. Friend, Will you be next? Your business could be global instead of limited to the time clock that allows you to swap time for money. You could offer high-tech online marketing solutions and services to an entire industry. You could distribute products via automated drop ship around the world as well. You could be doing it all today. Do you want to run with the beautiful strong team of horses that run wild and free or do you prefer the thought of being the neglected race horse locked in the barn trying to catch an elusive ray of sunlight on his or her face. Would you like to grow strong like a great tree with a foundation of strength and deep roots or do you like the thought of being a leaf that will soon wither, die, and blow away? Again, the decision is truly in your hands. I urge you to pursue your dreams and your own financial literacy just as recommended by Robert T. Kiyosaki. Pick up his book today and read it! Become the stimulus that provides your bailout today. A home business can indeed make a difference. That much should be obvious. The question remains as to whether or not you will embrace the idea. Should you? Friend, how is the economy treating you? A home based business can make a difference.