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How to Double Your Investment Overnight With Penny Stock Picks

Penny stocks are amongst the most guaranteed yet the most profitable day trading commodities around. It’s not uncommon for one of these stocks to go for 15 cents on the share to shoot up and double or triple in value overnight before dying down again. There is a lot of money to be made from effective penny stock picks if you’ve got the right information.

Programs which specialize in making penny stock picks are becoming increasingly popular amongst traders of varying experience levels because they are both low on risk, but also very profitable. They mill over current and past market data looking for profitable trends of the distant and recent past and more specifically what factors led to those trends. They then apply this to current market information, looking for similarities to further investigate.

A great thing about penny stock picks is that they are typically low risk investments. As I stated, most of these stocks are very cheap and typically have no place to go but up. This enables you to scoop up thousands of shares of a recommended penny stock for next to nothing making it a safe investment, then when it explodes you can siphon hundreds or thousands in profits off the top before selling it away.

With Day Trading Robot for example, the first pick which it generated for me was valued at 19 cents at the time of the generation. I bought around a thousand shares and two days later that stock had jumped to 31 cents. It continued to climb from there, finally leveling off at 48 cents at which point I sold everything. The beauty part of these programs which generate penny stock picks is that all of the leg work is done for you, so all you’ve got to do is enact the recommended trades themselves using simply an online trading account.

Sharp JX 9460 Printer – A Great Investment

General specs- The Sharp JX 9460 printer employs rather outdated laser print technology to produce average quality prints at 300 dpi at an engine speed of a terribly slow 6 pages per minute maximum. Orientation options available on the machine are landscape and portrait. A standard 250 sheet paper cassette is included with your printer investment with manual feed division for unusual paper types such as transparencies, film, labels and envelopes. 5 Standard emulations plus Epson FX 80, IBM Proprinter and IBM Graphics Printer emulation options are available on the machine. 1.0 RAM memory is also included with the printer.

Connectivity- Connectivity options are a major problem with the device. This can be attributed to the extremely old fashioned interfacing limited to only a Parallel port. With USB interfacing reigning supreme as the preferred consumer choice, the printer will not have much or rather no appeal.

Accessories- A couple of accessories are available for the printer in the form of envelope and paper cassettes, expansion memory, font cards, PostScript Emulation and interfacing boards. Very unnecessary extra’s in case of regular printing.

Controls- The Sharp JX 9460 Printers’ controls are very user-unfriendly to say the least with a bunch of lights that lit up like a Christmas tree even with the printer is operating even without errors. The control panel consist out of a couple of buttons and lights indicating print status and print options. It is essential to make sure that the printer status is set to offline when attempting to use any of the function keys. Most of the key’s are dual function depending on the amount of times and duration pressed. The error light is lit when printing errors occurs. Online light is lit when printer is online and ready to get data from the pc. Manual light is lit when the printer is on manual feed mode and the data light will blink when printer awaits feed commands.

Saving features- The printer cannot be accused of not being environmentally friendly as it comes with a wonderful built-in power saving feature. Upon setup your printer will default to power saving mode with a turn-off option. When no data is received or none of the keys are pressed for a pre-determined time frame the device will immediately go into power save mode. The whole purpose is to significantly reduce power consumption by reducing temperatures of the fusing unit.

Paper compatibility- The printer is very fussy when it comes to paper size compatibility and will only accepted letter, A4, envelope, label, transparency and legal sizes. Envelope sizes accepted by the printer are International C5, DL, Business and Monarch. Steer clear from envelopes with any attachments such as strings, tabs, snaps or even windows as they have the potential of causing incredible damage the printer. Use only manufacturer approved transparencies. It is important to adjust your density when using transparencies.

Character cards- Font or character cards are available as an optional accessory. These cards provide fonts which are not included with the device. Insert the card in the allocated slot on the right hand side of the machine and Bingo, you are ready to go. Ensure that online and data lights are unlit when card is inserted or removed as erratic prints and hardware errors may occur when lights are lit.